Vases Floor Lamps

The outdoor Vases Floor Lamps are like nothing you have ever seen. Worried about heavy Florida weather? Don't! These weigh close to 100 pounds!

Made of white matt polyethylene they get their unique shape from rotational moulding. Wait there is more! You can purchase these lamps with a standard white LED light or buy a package that has an LED lighting system that has the following colors in it – white, red, green, blue, light blue, pink and yellow. You can select one single color or have them cycle through all the different colors. How beautiful is this at night! One more huge plus – you can operate these lights remotely. As much as these are built for the outdoors don’t be afraid to use them inside. We can see them in a child’s bedroom, better yet in a teenager’s room.

Warranted to meet or exceed industry standards.

Materials & Finishes

Translucent Matt Polyethylene, Light with LED bulbs