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Sklar Furnishings takes selecting the brands we carry in our Boca Raton, Florida showroom very seriously. Two primary factors are used in evaluating and deciding on who our partners are: product quality and design.

Our partners have to be passionate about producing high quality products – using the finest materials and most talented craftsmen. Our partners must also be committed to continuously updating their product lines to not just reflect the latest in modern & contemporary furniture styles, but be leading design trends by pushing the boundaries with bold, daring, innovative and unique furnishings.

Learn more about any of our partners with by selecting one of the below brands.

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  • American Leather

    With a goal and success in managing mass production for custom made furniture in a very reasonable time frame of shipping in 3 weeks, American Leather is the company all

  • Aqua Creations

    Manufactured in Israel under the careful and precise eye of their creator, these lamps come in all shapes, sizes colors and uses. The Morning Glory is probably her most famous

  • Artemide

    Artemide designers have collaborated with some of the world’s leading architects, and its lamps are included in the permanent collections of several major museums, including New York’s Museum of Modern

  • BDI

    To do this they have a dynamite team of in house designers like Bill Becker, Matthew Weatherly, Dan Fritz and Noah Packard – and Louis Lara has recently done some wonderful work

  • Borzalino

    All of their sofas, sectionals and chairs at first glance seem to be on the funky edge of classic with oversized feet or an extra tall back like the Atena

  • Brown Jordan

    The company was founded in 1945 by Robert Brown and Hubert Jordan and is known for producing iconic award-winning designs. Their products are refined, relaxed and luxurious.

    By designing whole collections

  • Cattelan Italia

    From humble beginnings, the family firm grew to world-straddling proportions. Today, Cattelan is sold in 150 countries, by more than 350 certified dealers. Giorgio and Silvia’s sons Lorenzo and Paolo

  • Dellarobbia

    Dellarobbia has been producing beautifully made and exquisitely finished sofas, sectionals and chairs for almost 35 years.

    By attending and shopping all of the European textile shows the owner is able

  • Elite Manufacturing

    Barstools like the Bliss, Vera and Tiffany for the kitchen, dining tables like the Victor and the Tyler for the dining room, beds like the Lorin for the bedroom and

  • Huppe

    Huppe is a state of the art “green” manufacturer located in Quebec, Canada, that solely uses Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified sustainable wood and anti-pollution technologies to build its furniture.

    Using a

  • Il Loft

    Manufactured by the Italian company Il Loft it not only graces hundreds of private living rooms but also common commercial foyers all over the world.

    Il Loft was founded in 1994

  • Jesse

    This family owned business has been producing wall units, storage pieces, buffets, sofas and chairs since its inception in 1920. The level of quality is evident in all of the

  • Kartell

    Founded in 1949, Kartell has built their brand on high design, technology, materials and making an ordinary product like a chair make you say “Wow”. The recently released Uncle Jim

  • Midj

    Midj is known for joyful and colorful designs, suitable for both home and public spaces – they’re elegant yet strong enough to survive the rigors of not-so-careful use. That makes

  • Pablo

    The creative Contour series of table and floor lamps reimagines the lamp as something that casts its light inward, not outward. The Uma Sound Lamp incorporates 360° surround hifi into

  • Reflex

    We have several breathtaking examples in the showroom like the Neolitico, which to be honest, is more art than furniture. Blown molded layers of glass in either clear or black

  • Skovby

    Founded by cabinetmaker Thorvald Rasmussen, Skovby is now in its third generation in the hands of the Rasmussen family. The company specializes in dining room furniture, and is especially known

  • Studio Italia

    The studio’s proximity to Murano, the ancient home of master glassmakers, lends itself to a natural collaboration, and Murano blown glass is now a key material in Studio Italia’s designs.

  • Tonelli

    Founded in the mid 1980’s this company has grown based on their ability to lead in manufacturing techniques and in design. Karim Rashiid and Paolo Favaretto are just two of

  • Tonon

    The design and functionality of all their tables, chairs and upholstery lines is first and foremost but with the addition of the added value of ergonomics and contemporary timeliness you