• Executing your Vision

    We have an impressive resource library and knowledgeable staff to help you realize the full potential of your space.

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  • Design Services

    We have a great network of interior designers, furniture designers, and sub contractors to create custom solutions to fit your style.

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  • Meet our Design Team

    Sklar’s team is a well-rounded group of creative professionals with diverse, impressive backgrounds and accolades.

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  • Room Planner

    This intuitive program will help you plan your room to see what will work for optimal spacing and functionality.

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Design your Dream Space

We have the skills and resources to transform your space into a design masterpiece.

Creating your dream living space doesn’t only mean selecting the best pieces. Sklar’s design studio can help as much or as little as you wish. Find out how our team can assist you in bringing your visions to life.

Our ability to offer top-notch customized product, together with in-house design expertise, is one of Sklar’s unique strengths. We believe the decorating experience should be much more than a shopping trip. Our designers are passionate, knowledgeable, and are here to help you from the minute you walk in the door, till the moment you’re admiring your refreshed room.

Our Services

The design center is at the heart of our 22,000 sq. ft. showroom and is fully stocked with samples to help you envision your room more clearly. Our consultants are always on hand to help you navigate the showroom or simply offer advice. We’re happy to do whatever it takes to find or create the perfect pieces for your home. Browse through our services to learn more.

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Design Services

We love making your visions come to life. Our professional designers are ready to go above and beyond to help you achieve the look you want.

Meet Our Team

We’re passionate, experienced and innovative – most importantly, we’re here to help.

Design Center

We’ve done all the research and information gathering so you don’t have to. You’ll be impressed by the ample amounts of fabric, paint, metal, wood, hardware and finish samples we’ve collected to help pull your design together. Our professional designers will walk you through your options to ensure you are getting the best piece, customized to your style.

Case Studies

Building a strong relationship with our clients lets us understand their needs and style. It’s what helps us achieve such beautiful results time after time.

Designer Tip

Room Planner

Sklar is more than a great modern furniture design store, we’re interior designers. This intuitive room planner will give you a chance to be the designer. After all, you know your style better than anyone else.

Room Planner
Color Forecast

Color Forecast

It’s incredible the amount of power color can have over a design; it is able to evoke certain emotions, change spatial perceptions and flaunt your personality, all with a can of paint. As with any aspect of design, the trends are constantly evolving to fit new seasons and styles. Our experts have put together a forecast of this years hot color trends.