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Warm up your home’s color palette just in time for fall


Fall tends to feel like a fresh start – even if it’s been a summer or two since you headed back to school for a new year.

Fall often creates the desire to prepare the home for the upcoming holiday season with a warmer color palette and cozier accessories. For the last few seasons the purveying trend in home decor is to pull looks from different genres – to create the mixed modern eclectic look. This continues to be on trend this fall, but there are also new looks and colors to consider throwing into the mix. We’ve pulled three of our favorite trends to consider using this season as you prepare your home for fall. 

1980s western prints: Western prints have an inherent warmth to them as they evoke feelings of the desert. Test out a western print in your home via accessories like throw blankets or pillows or make a bolder statement by trying a western print wallpaper or rug.

Spring’s pastel color palette is transitioning into warmer hues reminiscent again, of the west. Colors you’d see in the desert like terracotta, rusty rose, marsala, pumpkin and teal are trending and the perfect way to add some new fall-inspired colors into your home.

Metallics: Metallics are always a classic, and the focus this fall is on brass. This metallic has an art deco influence, and is reminiscent of the 80s but the modern twist on it is that it is now patinated, providing a warmer look, reminiscent of fall’s rich color palette (it’s also way easier to take care of). Shiny brass is also back and there are many great options out on the market like the Satin Brass Cube Cocktail Table and the Calimero Lamp.


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