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The Power of Paint


Need a cost effective way to redecorate? Think paint, paint and more paint. Afraid of color when choosing that leather sectional you will have for 20 years? Paint an accent wall behind it in a bright fun color like purple, citron or red. Living in a house with low ceilings? Paint the ceiling a lighter color than the walls and floors and you will be amazed at the illusion and feeling of space. Does your home have high ceilings that make the room feel cold? Do the reverse and paint the ceiling a rich dark color and leave the walls white. Suddenly the room has some intimacy.

All this with a bit of elbow grease and $50-100 of paint.

Feeling a bit more adventuresome? Paint the floor! It can be wood, linoleum or cement and you can be as creative as you want. Stripes, patterns or just plain colors will all make a dramatic change to your space. What if I hate it? That is easy – paint it a different color and try again!

Everyone knows you can paint wood paneling or a brick fireplace but did you know that you could paint those mirrored walls that are so 1970? This saves time, money and wear and tear on the wood or plaster walls behind that wall of mirrors. Another instant “Wow” is painting outdoor furniture or a vintage wooden piece that looks dated.

There is a whole science behind color and how it makes us feel – this is true and no where is it more clear than in public spaces. Green and blue evoke a feeling of calmness and peacefulness – over 80% of hospital rooms are green or blue. It is said that red is energetic and at the same time gives a feeling of intimacy, yellow is happy, pink is fun, white is fresh and neutral.

If nothing else do not be afraid of color. If you like it then it is the right color in the space you have chosen. Experiment and have fun!


Sklar Furnishings