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The Heat is On!


Summertime in South Florida and not only is the living easy – the living is hot! Temperatures hover at a pretty constant 90 degrees – depending on the humidity level and the amount of breeze we have the “feels like” temperatures can be anywhere from 88 to 98 degrees. Any way you look at it – it is hot.

Our Design Team have taken this theme and run with it choosing some of the best fabrics, wall coverings and metals we have available. Kartell’s Louis Ghost chair done in gold as part of their Precious collection is HOT – their ice bucket in the same tones will still look hot even when it is filled with ice. Bright gold fabrics used on accent pieces and draperies add to the heat but don’t despair – the cool is coming.

White laser cut fabric was chosen to cool things off – white makes you think of ice and the thought of the breeze blowing through the holes should drop your temperature a bit. As well the introduction of the bright blue in both fabric and wall coverings is another attempt at cooling things off and it does work. Think of the beautiful blues in the ocean – and if that wasn’t enough the breeze that is almost constant around the water will lower your temperature.

All of our Design Team are excellent at pulling together a mood board just like this with any color combination you love – and some you may not have thought about. Watch for the next one!

Images courtesy of Romo


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