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The Cozy Holiday Living Room


The holidays are almost here, which means that wherever you are and whatever you celebrate, you’ve probably got family on their way. Keep everybody warm, comfortable and happy with our guide to the cozy holiday living room.

Sleeper Sofas
Perhaps the most pressing issue when family comes to stay is where they’re all going to sleep. Once upon a time, nobody wanted to end up on the sofa bed – it was strictly for latecomers. However, high-end modern sleeper sofas are a study in style and comfort. Take the Comfort Sleeper range by American Leather, built to order in the USA with your choice of Tempur-PedicTM, gel or premiere mattress and leather, fabric or Ultrasuede upholstery. Comfort sleepers are available in a variety of sizes from cot to king, and an 80 inch-long sleeping surface means nobody needs to fold themselves up to fit. Guests will be happy to spend a night or two on any of them.

Area Rugs
Has the weather got you down? Try wiggling your toes into a thick, deep shag rug like the Adore, Betona or Treasure, available in a wide variety of colors and sure to create a warm, welcoming impression when you come in from the cold. But of course, we don’t all spend December in snowy climes. If adding literal heat to your living room is not a priority, consider adding some figurative warmth with a richly colored short pile. The Polky Area Rug by Dellarobbia has a dreamy pattern reminiscent of bokeh photography or the glimmer of headlights through rain.

Poufs and Ottomans
Poufs and ottomans provide convenient and versatile extra seating that can be moved from room to room in a heartbeat. The Le Pouf Swivel Chair, designed by Rick Lee, combines the relaxed seating style of a pouf with the range of motion of a swivel chair, and looks great in a wide variety of different room styles. The Hollywood Pouf, available in medium and large sizes, is a fun and simple style that adds both a pop of color and new spot to get comfortable. Finally, the quirky Bon Bon Ottoman combines an adorable shape with the irresistable texture of thick New Zealand wool shag in one piece that everybody will want to touch.

Cover image courtesy of Residence Style.



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