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Superbly Sustainable Wood Furnishings


Wood furnishings are sustainable and environmentally friendly when they’re made from ethically-sourced wood. Ethically and sustainably harvested lumber is fair to the environment and those living nearby: this is why we take care to offer products made with it. All style, no harm.

You may be wondering how to best use wooden pieces in your home. Great places to employ wood furnishings include the den and dining room, and other areas where a little elegance can go a long way.

Color-wise, darker woods create a richness and polish that’s second to none, creating a striking elegance. Lighter woods can be used to create contrast without being too stark, and also play nicely off light.

Wood’s versatility is evident even in a small sample of our offerings:

Wonderful Wood Furnishings

Table 883 Wood demonstrates how a time-honored material like wood needs not be old-fashioned in execution. With a round base and round tabletop in understated yet sumptuous ash, it can easily reinvigorate any dining room.

The Segno Sofa is another example of how wood can be used in strikingly modern designs. Placing the sofa seats on top of a curved wooden platform creates an unexpected dynamic that’s a little classic and a little casual.

Wood elevates the Hans Recliner, pairing perfectly with rich leather upholstery for a timeless look. As comfortable as it is beautiful, this chair embodies the mid 20th century Modern style with an easy elegance.

Not just the dining room—but any room—can be beautifully embellished by the Jesse Day System Sideboard. With clean lines and an uncomplicated profile, pairing perfectly with plentiful wood finishes, this sideboard is a storage powerhouse.

The Dumbo Stool presents an elegant, well-crafted, and stylish wood frame. Whether the wood is stained dark or light, this stool is perfectly balanced and enduringly stylish.

Wood isn’t only ideal for furniture and frames—it has a long history in window shutters. The NewStyle Hybrid Shutters take the character of a classic wood design and combine it with modern materials for extra durability.

Sustainably Stylish

Wood is a marvellous material that can elevate a simple design or add character to a complex design. When it’s harvested and used in a sustainable way, wood is one of the most ethical materials.

Keeping wood surfaces brilliant isn’t difficult. Regular dusting and wiping with a damp soft cloth will keep wood surfaces looking their best. You may need to wax and re-oil when the lustre begins to dim, but that shouldn’t be too often.

At Sklar we do our utmost to ensure all the wood furnishings we have are sustainably sourced. It’s a point of pride and one of the ways in which we do our part for the earth. Also, for each wood piece we sell, we donate one tree to the National Forest Foundation.

Feel free to browse our full selection of wood furnishings online, take a virtual tour of our showroom, or come visit us in person!


Sklar Furnishings