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Sectional Or Stand-Alone Sofa? 5 Ways To Pick The Right Sofa For Your Room


The last thing you want to do is commit to the big buy—the sofa—only to discover it doesn’t fit in your space, it limits the arrangement options or it doesn’t support your intention for the room. If you don’t want to be stuck with the tuxedo-style, formal sofa when what you really wanted was the casual sectional, read through our interior designer tips and learn how to pick the right sofa for your space.

  1. Your vision. No matter your design style, it’s important to envision what you see yourself doing in the room. If you’re remodeling a living room and consider having a space to lounge, nap, or watch TV a priority, then a sectional – like the Kendall sofa – is a versatile, practical piece for your space. Or maybe you’re looking to create a stylish, trendy spot for occasional entertaining? Then something more sleek and clean like the Travis stand-alone sofa would be best. Either way, consider what activities you plan to do in your space.
  2. Plan it out. Once you have your vision, use painter’s tape to “sketch out” where you might like the sofa to sit. This is a great way to get the dimensions of the space on the floor, see location options, and plan how much room you have between the sofa and other fixed objects in the room. Also, this would be a great time to measure your doorways and halls – especially if you live in an apartment or a home with small passageways.
  3. You’ve envisioned the space, took measurements, now it’s time to go shopping, right? Before you hit the stores, think about who else lives in your space: Toddlers? Pets? Unless you’re going custom, fabric and pattern are a significant consideration. Patterns and dark colors are good for stain-camouflaging. Leather cleans up easy, while cotton-velvet is plush and wears well. Don’t risk getting attached to a sofa that doesn’t offer a finish that supports your family’s needs.
  4. Small living space? No problem. Multifunctional sofas are great to have on hand. We love American Leather’s Breckin Comfort Sleeper. It maximizes living space with great style and offers a unique, flexible solution when guests spend the night.
  5. Know your style. While function is the main attribute, you want the piece to reflect your personality and unique style. Some designers suggest keeping the big purchases simple and basic, and use accessories to expose your character. While others say let your décor style float through all features in the room. If you’re not sure what your style is or how to bring your ideas together, consider an interior designer. Not only will they help you identify your style, but they’ll make sure the design of the room connects with the rest of the house.



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