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Brand Feature – Reflex Angelo


The continuous innovation of the centuries-old glassmaking industry has given us some of the finest pioneers of classical, contemporary and modern furnishings. Italian Designers have always relied heavily on Murano glass. And if there’s one brand that takes Murano glass and combines fashion with furniture to bring glamor and sophistication to your space, it’s Reflex Angelo. The Italian furnishings brand aims to provide a new expression and unique meaning to the crystal furniture developments. 

Reflex Angelo is synonymous with crystal as it was the first company ever to use Murano glass as a base for its tables. Besides being an innovator in the crystal technology, the high end furniture brand also focuses its efforts on using high-quality materials, such as marble, wood and forged iron for its furnishings. The result is luxury furnishings that express the perfect synthesis of technology and tradition, with designs that are cutting edge and have been crafted to perfection. The company offers a variety of modern furniture like glass tables, weightless showcases, transparent chairs and lighting pieces that will offer your interior a unique elegance and flow of light.

The highly esteemed brand often collaborates with famous architects like Pininfarina, Sacha Lakic, Leila Guerra and Marco Piva. In particular, the collaboration with Pininfarina revolutionized the modular furnishing segment. Their Segno collection was characterized by elegant lines, dynamic shapes and the use of copper to offer a distinctive character to the furnishings. Together, as part of the Segno collection, the duo designed a collection of sofas, chaise lounges and the Segno buffet. 

Reflex designs are exquisite and visually stunning, Sklar Furnishings is proud to offer some of their cutting edge pieces. One such example is the Impact Buffet. A simple yet beautiful buffet with a streamlined design can be used as a sideboard buffet or as an entertainment cabinet. The best feature of this buffet table? It’s available with a decorative gold finish for those who adore a luxury finish. Another fantastic piece from this Italian brand is their Flambe Dining Table. Its round top with diamante engravings and an option of gold finish on the table legs will be a showstopper in your space. 

The right lighting can completely transform the mood in a room and create a sense of freshness, intimacy, or drama. Terra Collezione Sconces from Reflex are the perfect lighting units to give your contemporary living space a distinct orientation. Its curved glass and vertical blade-like structure distributes the light evenly, all the while being energy efficient using the latest technology.  


Sklar Furnishings