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How to Spice Up Your Kitchen’s Storage


If we were to ask most people, on the count of three, to name which room in their house needed better storage we would bet heap loads of money on the majority of people yelling out “the kitchen” as their answer.

Most of us have collected a lot of dishware, gadgets and appliances over the years and while many of these items are still put to good use… on occasion, deciding where to put them can certainly become a struggle.

In light of this, we have put together a list of tips, tricks and trends that can aid you in creating a kitchen that is more streamlined and efficient.

Exposed shelving: This is one of the biggest trends we are seeing in modern kitchens and while the thought of replacing cupboards for exposed shelving might sound completely ludicrous there is some serious merit to it.

1) It forces you to keep things looking more neat and organized
2) It will encourage you to eliminate some of the things you really don’t need anymore.

That being said, if you aren’t willing to rip out your timeless, shaker style kitchen cabinets, we certainly cannot hold it against you.

Another great option within the realm of exposed shelving is to install a single row of shelves just below the cabinets. This is a great option because it boosts the storage you already have, and gives you quick access to the items you regularly use. It’s also a great way to give yourself a sense of what you’re really using versus what you don’t. It may just have you reconsider your take on kitchen cabinetry all together!

Magnetic strips: Installing a magnetic strip on the backsplash is an awesome option for clearing up drawer space and having easy access to kitchen shears and knives.

Put the island to work: We’re all about items in the house playing double-duty, and the kitchen island is no exception. In fact, it should play triple-duty. Install shelving within your island for extra storage and add stools so it can serve as a dining area too.


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