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How To: Define Your Interior Design Style


Bold and chic or minimal and modern? Defining your interior design style so you can design your room in your décor can prove to be a challenge. In order to create a space that reflects your true nature, articulating your design style is essential. Whether painting a design picture for yourself or your interior designer, here’s how to identify the look you crave.

Revisit what you have
You already have, consciously or unconsciously, built a repertoire of things you’re attracted too based on how they make you feel. The best way to identify your interior design style is to revisit the style of the stuff you already own.

Start by gathering items you cherish; this could be knick-knacks on top of your dresser, mantel, or bookshelves, special clothes from your closet, postcards from a memorable trip, anything really. Next, examine how certain looks make you feel and in particular, focus on the items that make you feel beautiful and joyful. Drawing inspiration from items you cherish moves you beyond the limitations of your lifestyle and into a new realm of creativity. In looking at a photo from a recent trip to Hong Kong for example, you may realize how much you love the spirit of Asia and the spiritual significance of feng shui. This passion and excitement then transfers to design. You may then decide to incorporate features in your space that capture the meaning of feng shui, like an area rug  by Dellarobbia.

Ultimately, finding your design style is easier than you think because like it or not, you already know what you like. If you’re unable to draw inspiration from your items our professional designers will be happy to help you transfer your ideas into an interior design that suits your style.


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