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How To: Decorate Your Home Using the Feng Shui Method


Feng shui is a set of ancient Chinese principles related to qi, or energy flow. When decorating with feng shui, the idea is to attract positive energy into the home and encourage it to move freely, while keeping negative energy out. It gets complicated, but luckily, feng shui gels very well with Western design principles, which (for different reasons) also tend to emphasize flow.

Your home should have lots of fresh air and natural light. Open the windows and curtains whenever possible, and use plants to filter the air. If natural light just isn’t available, put your lights on dimmers to give yourself more control over the amount and quality of light, and use lamps to light dark corners and prevent energy being blocked.

Feng shui and furniture
It helps to think of qi as water; if water were to enter your home through the front door, would it flow freely or are there places it would get stuck? Furniture pressed against walls would obviously block water, and is similarly believed by feng shui practitioners to interfere with the healthy flow of qi.

Sofas should stand slightly out from the wall, leaving at least a few inches free, and all chairs in a room should be angled so it’s easy for people sitting in them to face one another. In the dining room, make sure there is plenty of room between the chairs and the walls, so that people (and energy) can easily move around.

In feng shui, TVs and computers are viewed with suspicion, as potential drains on qi. It is recommended to keep all electronics out of the bedroom, and to cover the TV when it’s not in use. An entertainment or wall unit with panels that close over the screen makes an elegant solution. Round coffee and dining tables are better feng shui than square ones, encouraging conversation, togetherness and the all-important energy flow. Try the Kristal Round End Table or the Mille Dining Table to capture the ethos of these ancient principles.

Feng shui and decor
Mirrors can be used to correct bad feng shui if hung in the right position. They are considered to double whatever they reflect, whether that’s a pleasant view of the garden (positive) or a fire (negative), so the placement of mirrors according to feng shui is something of an art form. Mirrors also reflect light and seem to enlarge the room, qualities for which they are valued both in feng shui and in Western interior design. For some great mirrors that work well with this decorating style, try the Prism TV Mirror or the Shiki Wall Mirror.

Clutter is associated with stagnation and blocked energy. To give your home an easy feng shui boost, start by removing clutter. Just as the layout of your home should reflect and amplify your hopes and ambitions, so should your home’s contents. Decluttering means removing anything that doesn’t serve you from your home. For similar reasons, any artwork in your home should evoke positive emotions.


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