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Get The Look: Eclectic Style with Balance


Eclectic style is a combination of different directions – freedom, imagination, creativity – that is brought together through the use of color, texture and shape to create an original décor. When mixing multiple styles, there is a risk of creating chaotic clutter instead of an interior that goes beyond the usual.

Knowing how to pull off mixing rustic antiques and modern pieces in order to curate an interesting space that’s balanced can be tricky. An overflow mishmash of eccentric pieces run the risk of making your space feel more like a flea market than a fresh, inspired room. As such, it’s important not to flood your space with aged and rough textures but balance the worn with slick and shiny surfaces in order to strike the right equilibrium. Here are some pieces we suggest to support your eclectic interior design.

The River Sideboard has a beautiful lacquered finish to its unique design and will surely make a harmonious splash in any space. Elegant lines, soft geometries and abstract elements combined create the luxurious Textura Area Rug. The diverse variety of patterns and colors no doubt reflect its artisan vibe. With a stunning line of luminous glass globes configured in delicate, airy compositions, the Bubbles Pendant Chandelier provides ambient, diffused illumination in any eclectic décor.

Eclectic interior style is great for modern people who wish to create a space that displays their courage and stretches beyond the ordinary. Explore your eclectic style.


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