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Get The Look: Contemporary Living


The design terms “modern” and “contemporary” are often used interchangeably yet both are very different decorating styles. Before we discuss how to get the contemporary look in your home, we need to first define the difference between modern and contemporary design.

“Modern Design” refers to a period of time. It is a design style that was created in the 1920′s – 1950′s, and it doesn’t change; it is a defined style and will remain such forever. “Contemporary Design”, however, is ever changing and is ‘of the moment’. It literally entails what is being created and produced right now. Now that we’ve made the distinction, let’s consider how you can get the contemporary look in your home.

Elements in a contemporary space are very neutral in color and rely heavily on brown, taupe, cream and pure white. Punches of color are sometimes found in cushions and fabric, a striking floor rug (like the Granada Area Rug), or a special piece of art.

Contemporary pieces that suit this style feature softened and rounded lines as opposed to the stark lines seen in modern design. The key aspects are basic shapes and forms. A great example is the Rigoletto A Sofa and Sectional, which has a smooth silhouette without any intricate adornment.

The lighting design is used as an artistic statement in a contemporary interior and good lighting will draw attention to well-placed art and accessories. Floor and table lamps have straight lines and sleek metallic finishes like the Raduga Lamp which breaks tradition while embracing simplicity.



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