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Exciting New Developments In Smart Home Technology Lighting


Turn on the furniture and explore the latest developments in smart home technology lighting. Explore the latest innovations from worldwide leaders in lighting design who have unparalleled commitment in creating products that satisfy the most requested smart home lighting needs.

Artemide established its company in 1959 in Milan, Italy, on a 3-word design philosophy, “the human light”. The goal is to innovate not for the sake of innovation, but to create a piece that fulfills a use. Working with talented designers and architects, Artemide lighting has been able to innovate with high tech materials, organic forms and advanced LED technology for nearly 60 years. With award-winning collaborations with some of the world’s most talented contemporary interior designers, Artemide’s extensive product lines are not only modern in Italian design, but iconic in cutting-edge smart home technology.

Eco-friendly and energy efficient, the Sisifo Table Lamp is revolutionary in design. It features an aluminum base, a methacrylate diffuser and an arm that rotates over 360° on the vertical axis. Technological innovation combined with research on human interaction led to the diffuser being free to move in all directions. Restriction-free lighting means endless possibilities and a bright future in smart home technology innovation.

Kartell knows how to blend functionality, style, durability and modern appeal. The Italian brand’s dedication to technical and aesthetic innovation has earned Kartell its global recognition as a leader in modern lighting and a pioneer of modern day polyurethane.

Utilizing Kartell’s industry-leading technological expertise, Ferruccio Laviani has created a simple form table lamp that serves the intended purpose and functionality. The Taj Table Lamp abandons the typical articulated, jointed and mechanical stereotype and is instead an intelligent, luminous, three‐dimensional sculpture. Choose which finish best suits your style.


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