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Designer Spotlight: Ramón Esteve


Ramón Esteve – a believer in everything beautiful and intelligent – graduated in Architecture from Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (ETSAM) in 1990. Trusting that architecture was an expanding global discipline, a year later he founded his own studio, Ramón Esteve Estudio de Arquitectura (RE_E) in Valencia, Spain.

The harmonious, fluid features in Esteve’ s work stem from his desire to create habitats, not just buildings, where people can enjoy an experience in the space. With work encompassing the fields of architecture, interiors, industrial design, and graphic communication, Esteve places substantial emphasis on the process of design; ensuring every project is conceived and executed with art and technique; as well as emotion that gives the project spirit, making you feel good.

Although he’s known for not following an established pattern or any kind of a recognizable style, believing every design is a unique work, he enjoys creating and designing with plastic – calling it a “magical material” as it’s possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination.

Beyond his ability to skilfully combine design principles and philosophies in order to create functional, creative projects, Esteve’s believes his strongest asset is his ability to make architecture and design that connects emotionally with the user; developing designs that evoke empathy and passion simultaneously.

Using design to communicate a way of living, RE_E is currently working on several architectural projects, as well as design commissions for brands such as Vondom, Vibia, and Porcelanosa.


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