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Brand Feature: Cierre Imbotti


Fuelled by the pride of creating quality products, the Conficconi Family has been shaping a dynamic and established company since its inception in 1972. The products created by Cierre Imbotti today are the result of long-standing experience, unlimited freedom of imagination, and passion for design.

The input of each generation is what’s helped enrich the company’s experience and reputation, and has turned Cierre’s unique and original designs into style trends that are globally recognized.

Italians take family very seriously and while the Cierre Imbotti company is a family run business, when they speak of “family” they mean everybody working at the company, not just those related by blood. They believe the synergy of everyone is what allows them to continually imagine the future and reinvent new applications for the antiqued materials. Their strong past and constant focus on researching new styles is what makes the company an industry leader.

One notable piece Sklar carries is the gorgeous Simply Sofa & Sectional. It provides enough space to stretch out for a nap or gather with friends for a relaxing night in. This time honored classic will make any room in your home feel more inviting. Environment is freely expressed and influences the Cierre creation and designs, and the New York Sofa & Sectional is a great example of this. While a new concept of comfort is established with its simple, modern design, there’s a warmth and slightly curved structure will make your living space supremely inviting.

A historical place in which craftsmanship and design come together, inextricably linking production and design, Cierre Imbotti is the place to discover the full potential of creativity.


Sklar Furnishings