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Brand Feature: American Leather


American Leather was founded in 1990 with a goal of producing custom leather furniture in the United States that could be manufactured and shipped to the client in three weeks or less. They applied “just-in-time” manufacturing that they admired from the Japanese car industry to the furniture industry. This was unheard of and to this day there are very few manufacturers in the United States who can take an order and three weeks later deliver a custom configuration done in a custom leather or fabric to a client anywhere in the United States or Canada. They currently have over 130 different collections sold in over 650 stores.

One of their most successful products is their Comfort Sleeper. Again this is not the norm. In fact it is so comfortable that we have sold these “sofa beds” as the only bed a college student sleeps on, Have you been to Disney in Orlando? All of their sleepers are the famous Comfort Sleeper.

That was such a success that they introduced the Comfort Recliner a few years ago and it has gone from a push model, to electric to electric with a battery. They are innovative for sure!

American Leather’s collections include many original designs by some of the industry leaders. Vladimir Kagan, Goodman-Charlton, Rob Jones, Rick Lee, John Mascheroni, Barbara and Robert Tiffany and Michael Wolk are just a few. They continue to search for new progressive designs and designers to keep their offering fresh.

We have carried their product since we opened the store 13 years ago and our partnership just grows stronger every year. American Leather is such a delight to work with. They stay ahead of the curve with new introductions, their product is beautifully finished, their customer service is outstanding and they are just good people.


Sklar Furnishings