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Bedroom Trends


Bedroom Trends

When it comes to bedroom trends, we’re always keeping an eye open. The bedroom is that restful oasis where we can retreat and be refreshed, and where our rest and wellbeing are supported. We’ve noticed a trend recently towards more minimalism in bedrooms, specifically in the bed frames themselves.

Minimalist beds create a flexibility for other furnishings in the bedroom, and we love the sense of freedom they create. This minimalism doesn’t come at the expense of comfort, as a stripped-down aesthetic can help us declutter and focus on how to make our bedroom spaces as restful as possible. So let’s take a look at some wonderful examples of this trend.

Montreal Bed

With a sculpted headboard and unobtrusive frame, the Montreal Bed presents a very contemporary profile. Clad in fabric, the frame is simple with regular lines, and an angled headboard makes for comfort whether laying down or sitting up in bed, making it great for those who love to maximize their bed time! Neutral colors and a linear design make this a minimalist standout, with no flourishes but plenty to offer.

London Bed

An uncomplicated design with stripped-down aesthetics and neutral colors, the London Bed has an elegant, regular, and reassuring presence. With a footboard that fills out the space between the floor and bed, and plenty of color options, this bed completes a bedroom and acts as a perfect anchor for many aesthetic styles.

Prince Bed

The Prince Bed really earns its name, with a large and curved headboard that creates an intriguing dynamic against the more linear and regular body of the bed. With a solid presence, the Prince can fill out a large space while its headboard makes it an obvious focal point. Stylish without flourishes, linear but curved, this bed can easily complement many different aesthetics or anchor a minimalist style.

Best Rest Lux

Stylish or not, what’s a good bed frame without a good mattress? The Best Rest Lux Mattress acknowledges the importance of solid sleep. The Lux features an abundance of luxury and craftsmanship, with 6 layers of biological materials that breathe more easily than synthetics, allowing for the mattress to regulate its temperature and keep sleepers perfectly comfortable. A soy-based memory foam supports the contours of the body to relieve pressure and ensure perfect bedrest.

Best Beds

As it’s at the core of your life, the bedroom deserves a thoughtful approach—it begs to be done right, and can seriously improve your quality of life. A minimalist style in bed frames is a great development, opening the stylistic potential of the bedroom to incorporate different furnishings, textures, colors, and accessories.

We adore the clean and simple designs of minimalist beds. Starting simple can lead to spectacular results and frees time to find a mattress that’s perfect for you and will reward you with the increased well being good sleep provides.


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