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Artful Accessorizing for Your Home


Art bridges the gap between emotion and expression, and can give a voice to things that are often unsaid. Accessories fulfill the same function in decor, and can make any space much more outspoken, welcoming, and intriguing. Bring together accessories and art, and you’ve got the recipe for truly breathtaking decoration.

Many accessories are great at elevating a space or setting a mood, but at Sklar we strive to provide accessories that verge more into the world of art: to inspire you, delight your guests, and breathe fresh and original style into your home. Here are three of our favorite designers who provide some wonderfully artful accessories:

Vanessa Mitrani
Vanessa has been working in glasswares since 1998, and in that time has experimented with a lot of other materials to create interesting textures, shapes, and finishes. Glass is her medium, and with every piece her design house creates, a truly unique mastery is demonstrated. We’re huge fans of her pieces where glass is restrained with metal, all of which create an interesting bulbousness—from lights and candle holders to vases, they add a remarkably playful element to any space.

Athena Jahantigh
Athena works in sandstone and ceramic and makes absolutely gorgeous animal sculptures. Her wonderful bull statues bring to mind the stylism of cave paintings as seen through the filter of her Persian aesthetic, and bring a serenity and reflectiveness to any space due to their melding of past and present. Truly unique and highly remarkable, a Jahantigh piece elevates everything around it.

FOS Ceramiche
FOS (Form-Object-Surface) Ceramiche have been innovating in the field of ceramics for over 30 years, working in the historic city of Faenza. Masters of their craft, they create beautiful, flowing, and organic works with a variety of glazes and finishes. Their ceramic hearts are particularly breathtaking and lovely: using a natural form and natural material to create a supernatural impression on the viewer. These pieces are amazing for bringing harmony and balance, as well as texture, to a space.

Serious About Accessorizing
Good accessories do more than enhance a space and match decor. They can embellish it by bringing harmony, or adding diverseness. Unique accessories do even better, by introducing unexpected elements that really invite and reward their viewers.

A decor accessory becomes art when it really transcends the material it’s made from: this can happen on a personal level when some object has deep personal significance, but when that object is imbued with art, it can have that same impact on first-time viewers.

By their nature, accessories that blur the line between decor and art can be hard to find. That’s why we go out of our way to find them. It’s our pleasure to locate great design in all forms and bring it to you. Beauty should never be hidden, and the best part of our job is to help bring it into the world.


Sklar Furnishings