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Get inspired by these fantastic new pieces in our showroom.

Our products offer a wide range of contemporary furniture style trends for you to piece together and create a home that is uniquely you.

Michelangelo King Bed

The Michelangelo Bed combines a beautiful design with the utmost comfort. Italian flair at its best.

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Freespirit Curvo Sofa

The free-spirited sofa from Il Loft is defined by an upholstered metal tray which forms the sides and back and encompassing soft, misshapen cushions.

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Lago 36e8 Sideboard

This sideboard from Lago is a storage classic, reinterpreted just how you want it

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Cliff Sectional

Clift is a sectional sofa with a soft touch and look, designed for your moments of light-hearted relax.

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Macchina della Luce Chandelier

Designed and handmade in Italy, the breathtaking Macchina della Luce Chandelier creates a remarkable atmosphere.

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PostKrisi Suspension Lamp

The PostKrisi Suspension Lamp instantly catches the eye with its spherical shade and frayed equator, producing unique lighting effects and diffused accents when illuminated.

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Fil de Fer Nuvola Chandelier

Fil de Fer Nuvola Chandelier is a stunning lighting fixture made of shaped, woven aluminium wire, which is lit on the inside by tiny bulbs.

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Gold Moon Chandelier

The Gold Moon Chandelier has a striking charisma that will be a spectacular addition to any space.

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Lederam Manta S2 Pendant Lamp

This Lederam piece contains warm, softly coloured disks surround by an LED module with an ultra-flat shape, which creates thin lamps with curved, graceful lines.

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