56 Bijoux Light

The Catellani & Smith 56 Petits Bijoux pendant lamp consists of ten ring-shaped brass elements on various levels. Together they form a spherical lamp. A total of 56 LEDs are integrated on these elements, each of which is mounted behind a lens. The light emitted is bundled through the lenses into the room.

Petits Bijoux is a representation of ‘static movement’, the effect of an action that seems to imitate the gesture of throwing a stone into a pool of water, creating concentric waves that propagate into space. The concept of a sphere, the circle as a metaphor for the infinite and perfection, has been a favorite, recurring theme during Catellani & Smith’s thirty years of lamp production, and makes it return in this new pendant lamp, a lamp that is remarkably simple in its design but extraordinary in its workmanship.

Materials & Finishes

white base, natural brass rings, transparent covers with brass clips