Large Dog Sculpture

Our Large Dog Sculpture (named Benz) has the ability to make all ages stop and smile. When we saw him at market we knew we just had to have him.

Little children climb on him, adults stop to have their photo taken and Benz just sits patiently with his paws crossed. He is the third in our line of dogs and we are happy to have him.
One of the selling features for us was that he is perfect for the outdoors so he patiently sits every day all day in front of the store and never budges when the kids crawl all over him… He has a brother whose paws are crossed the other way in case in your design you want to have a pair of them at the front door. I guess it goes without saying that once you get past the original investment they are incredibly inexpensive to maintain.

Warranted to meet or exceed industry standards.

Materials & Finishes