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Tropical style is equal parts local custom, a laid back approach to living and an emphasis on the outdoors.

It springs from the part of the world that sits between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, and incorporates the nuances of many different countries and cultures. Although some people think of tropical style as cartoonish and over the top (pink flamingos, jungle murals), it’s just the opposite. Tropical decor is vibrant but not garish, and its lively overtones are grounded in dignity.
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When you think of a tropical home, there’s a good chance you picture sunlight streaming in and breezes wafting through.

Use solids in pale colors such as white and taupe, with dashes of bold prints such as banana leaves and colorful flowers. Evoke a jungle setting with splashy foliage and flora; group together potted palms or a single amaryllis bloom for a luminous effect. The natural fibers of the tropics are anything but dainty; think rattan, bamboo, jute, and pandan. Traditionally, these coarsely woven materials take the form of rugs or chairs, but experiment with headboards or ceiling treatments.

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