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Mid Century Modern

This significant design movement describes mid-century developments in design, architecture and urban development from 1933-1965

This style reflects structures with ample windows and open floor plans with the intention of bringing the outdoors in. In this style, you will find post and beam architectural design that eliminated bulky support walls and introduced walls made of glass. Mid-century architecture was a further development of Frank Lloyd Wright’s principles of organic architecture combined with many elements reflected in the Bauhaus movement.
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Mid-Century modern exemplifies
the post-World War era in which functionality and elegance were more important than elaborate designs.

As with other aspects of an exuberant postwar world, inspired designers created organically shaped furnishings for all the new homes being built that used materials and technology from the war years. Multipurpose became a catchphrase. This new furniture stacked, folded and bent; it was rearrange able and interchangeable; it nested and flexed. Chairs were designed to be of use for a dozen different reasons. Tables were nonspecific—they were used for eating, writing, or playing cards.

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