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Looking to decompress from the glitz and glam styles that have been dominating as of late?

Go back to basics with this warm, cozy aesthetic. Styles are always (and likely will forever be) recycled. This modern look calls for clean lines and no-fuss furnishings. A little curve is OK, but keep it minimal with a single accent chair or with rounded light fixtures.
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Anything metal fits this style well. Opt for metal light fixtures, especially those with a seemingly aged patina. It’s OK to mix polished and matte metals, but limit yourself on the amount of shine.

Stick with “rocky” neutrals as your foundation - any hue that you’d expect to see in a dusty warehouse. Don’t be wary of these cold colors, this look can be just as soothing and warm as other neutrals. If you’re planning to paint, select color samples on the warmer side, such as mushroom-like grays. Play with wood, concrete and metal as primary elements when creating this simplistic look.

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