Swopper® Office Chair

The Swopper® Office Chair is the first ergonomic office chair in the world to move in all three dimensions - they call this "dynamic seating".

All it takes is a few minutes perched on the high-tech seat moving and bouncing and you will know that this just must be good for you! The base is what anchors this chair to the ground – it comes with or without castors. As you can imagine the castors can be anchored. It is ingenious. It all depends on the weight you exert when moving the chair. Made by a North American company whose tag line is “the sweet spot of seating” I know you will feel that they are dead on. The benefits of sitting in a dynamic and fashionable office chair are many – strengthen your back, train your muscles, breather better, improve your concentration and stimulate your circulation. What’s not to like!

Warranted to meet or exceed industry standards.

Materials & Finishes

Ultra Suede or Leather Seat
Anthracite Base