Margot A Sofa and Sectional

A beautiful contemporary seating piece, the Margot A Sofa and Sectional features modular elements to best fit the spacial requirements in your home.

The stylish Margot A Sofa and Sectional is a beautiful seating piece with a backrest that extends forward, intended to ease tension. The piece’s raised seat cushions are made of expanded polyurethane for optimal comfort. The backrest frame and the armrests are adjustable to suit your requirements. The sofa is available in a 2-seater or 3-seater version, or in a maxi size. With modular elements, you can create your own custom comfort area.

Warranted to meet or exceed industry standards.

Materials & Finishes

Piumone Vintage leather; metal frame; intertwined elastic belts; multi-layer poplar; cast brushed or black colored aluminum.