Pelham Sleeper Sofa

Once you see the features in the electric - yes electric - Pelham Sleeper Sofa you are going to want more than one. It has more than a modern design.

This patented mechanism is not from our Italian innovators but from one of our favorite North American factories. How many times are we asked if we have an electric sleeper, not just for our older client – for everyone! And now we can show you this. Available in different sizes and with many different SKU’s we are sure this will be a big hit. There is even a sectional with a queen bed inside – how perfect for overflow when you have a housefull. The sit when the sofa is closed will delight and surprise you – it is hard to believe that there is a sleeper underneathe.

Warranted to meet or exceed industry standards.

Materials & Finishes

Fabric, Leather, Metal