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Room Planner

Sklar is more than a great modern furniture design store, we’re interior designers. This intuitive room planner will give you a chance to be the designer. After all, you know your style better than anyone else.

Room Planner

Make your vision a reality with a few easy clicks

With no software to install, it is easy to create professional floor plans right from home. Use the prebuilt templates for different rooms or design your own with your specific room dimensions. Drag, drop and customize furniture for the best impact and use of space. When you’re satisfied, email or bring a print out to Sklar and our experts will be happy to help bring your vision to life. You know your lifestyle better than anyone, take a shot at being an interior designer to help create a room that will be functional and enjoyable for your home. Explore the possibilities for your living space and have fun while doing it! Get started planning your dream room.