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Buried Treasure in Fort Lauderdale

First things First 

A meeting at the condo with the client and our team to take pictures of key areas (the before) was the first order of business.  An open discussion to learn what their ideas and goals were followed.

Many hours were spent brainstorming within our team and with the client. Ideas were put on paper, drawings were prepared, mood boards done and finally, an overall plan was finalized.

Our client is a developer and a stickler for details and based on past performance with Sklar they hired us to do the whole interior, working with their architect and contractor. The furnishings would be a fun and easy part. We carry a wide range of products. 

It was going to be a challenge because the space was beige, bare, and boring. We were going to have to change the floorplan, furnishings, finishes, moldings, floors, doors, decor—you name it, no detail was too small.



A Dramatic Effect

Our goal was to wow visitors from the moment they entered. We added textured wallpaper with an accent strip that has built-in LED lights and Swarovski crystals—super elegant and sets the stage for what is to come. We used the themes of reflection, light, and openness to really dazzle and delight. To experience this effect for yourself visit our Twilight Tour.

We wanted to maximize the stunning views southward and east over the ocean. There was a bathroom in the way of this gorgeous view, so we replaced it with a glass-walled wine room to open up space and create a lovely flow of light.

The kitchen area was moved from a side room into a more central space. The new kitchen which features attractive finishes, gorgeous backsplashes, a large central island, with natural light on both sides turned this into another wow space. The old kitchen in a darkened hallway area became a media room perfect for relaxing.

A custom mirrored wall in the living room was installed to reflect the skies and establish a flowing, shimmering backdrop. The mirror itself is many individual pieces of bevelled glass replicating the movement of the ocean.  All the bedrooms were reworked to be warm places to relax, plus they got fully renovated ensuite bathrooms. The balcony was bare, so we added stepping stones and astroturf to create a lovely garden atmosphere.

When it came time to stage the space, we chose furniture carefully to build on a coastal contemporary theme. That means lots of blue and spa colors, curves, and glass. The client has a sophisticated taste and he loved everything that was chosen by our team with his input.

Big Project, Big Results

Despite the usual difficulties of a big project and the never before encountered global pandemic, we finished on time and to budget. The condo is now on the market attracting plenty of attention—much of it from the residents in the building living in this 20-year-old space. With this project, we show that we aren’t just masters of style, but of making spaces more liveable.

Please enjoy our work firsthand in this Digital Tourwe’re very proud of this project! It’s a breathtaking space, and we believe our work uncovered its full potential.