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Workplaces of Art


Furniture for the office needs to perform multiple functions; striking a balance between being comfortable and professional, all the while conveying the identity of a company.

One way to update your office’s look without having to purchase all new furniture is to take advantage of the mixed modern eclectic look that is currently on trend. It involves taking pieces from different genres and bringing them together in one space. For example, in a boardroom you can take the Wolfgang Wooden Dining Table with it’s classic finish and shape, and pair it with the Bergen High Back Office Chair. What’s great about this trend is that you can take pieces you already have and love and give them an update by pairing them with new furniture.

Adding accessories like the Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp gives the office extra warmth and a more comfortable vibe. Create a coffee bar using a piece like the Corridor Bar Cabinet where employees can brew coffee. Having amenities nicely staged and easily accessible makes the workday much more pleasant.

You’ve probably heard this a million times before but sitting is the new smoking! Giving employees the opportunity to make use of standing desks is a healthy option that can easily be worked into an office space. Start with one or two standing desks and if lots of people are liking it, it could be a cue to offer more. People might be shy or hesitant at first, so encourage everyone to give it a try for at least an hour. Studies show using a standing desk burns at least 50 more calories per hour as opposed to sitting. For standing desks, place a subtle, lean-looking barstool like the Hyka Bar Stool beside it so people have something to lean/sit against in case they want the option. Visit our blog on Markets & Innovations to learn more about desks and stools that are ergonomically designed to allow you to sit and stand comfortably throughout the day.

Creating a comfortable and happy office space is bound to lead to a more productive work environment. Try doing a quick survey around the office asking employees what they’d like to see worked in, one novel idea could change the whole workspace!


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