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Why Circular Dining Tables Are Having a Moment


Circular dining tables are the biggest trend of the moment in at-home dining. They are emerging as a direct result of homes being built and renovated with closer, more open-concept quarters and a societal craving for more family time.

A circular table brings everyone closer together and is equated with family-style dining. We aren’t just seeing this trend in the home, but in modern restaurants as family-style dining and sharing is encouraged.

As more people are either purchasing homes without a dining room, or repurposing the space all together, an increasingly popular choice is to dine in-kitchen, or in a more open concept space, between the kitchen and living room. These spaces, along with modern homes, tend to be smaller, making the round table a great option as it offers an equal amount of seating in a smaller area.

Even a small round table like the Trave Glass Dining Table or the Myles Dining Table can comfortably seat and dine four people. Also worth noting is that the modern dining table doesn’t have matching chairs. As homeowners continue to gravitate towards a more eclectic look, dining chairs are typically made from a different material than the table itself.

For example, a very popular table at the moment is one with a white marble tabletop and pedestal base. It has a cool and modern look. Contrasting it with a more traditional, wooden comb back chair allows both pieces to offset each other and standout on their own. You can flip this look, taking a wood table, which is inherently warm, and combine it with chairs made from a more modern material like the Thalya Dining Chair, which is made of polycarbonate. This allows the table and chairs to shine separately; their colors, materials and shape popping against the contrast they offer one another.

Images courtesy of Ramseyer Architects.


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