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Wallpaper Revival


Wallpaper is back with a vengeance and its variety in terms of color, texture and style means homeowners have a wealth of selection. Wallpaper provides the opportunity to make a bold statement, or to add some dynamism to something as simple as a white wall, through the use of subtle texture.

Painterly Print 

The freshest trend in wallpaper at the moment is painterly prints, which give the look of a hand-painted pattern. Styles range from bold and abstract to whimsical and romantic.

Textured Wall Paper

If you don’t want to go with wild patterns or colors but want to add some oomph to the walls, try textured wallpaper. There are many options available and in neutral tones, they pair nicely with many styles of furniture. Another perk? If your walls are damaged or uneven, textured wallpaper tricks the eye and helps to disguise the flaws!

If you are feeling a bit timid towards wallpaper, an accent wall is the perfect way to get started.  Since it’s only one wall within a room, it allows you to get a dash of the trend without going whole hog. It’s also a great opportunity to play with a bolder print.

Accent Walls

Accent walls present the perfect opportunity to show off favorite pieces of furniture or to display accessories that might otherwise be drowned out in a larger room. Take a standout piece of furniture like the Aston Chaise and by placing it against the accent wall, it becomes the focal point of the room.

Make a statement by placing an accent wall in the entryway of your home. Choose wallpaper that reflects the general feel of your home, to help set the tone when you walk in. Pair it with the Hyper console table and the Fittipaldi mirror for an elegant and inviting entrance.

Much like wallpaper, the bar cart is popular again.  Combining these two trends in your home can be done with ease, especially in your entertainment area.  The Corridor Bar has a vintage feel, provides plenty of storage and packs a punch.  It can easily be placed against an accent wall.

The Powder Room 

The powder room is our favorite room to wallpaper.  Since this room is often small and isolated from everything else in your home, it offers a great opportunity to break away from more traditional options. It’s advisable to scale back on large furniture and accessories in these smaller spaces. For a glam-on-glam look, choose opulent wallpaper and pair it with an ornate mirror.

One final thing to be mindful of when choosing wallpaper is the functionality of the room. Busy rooms like kitchens and bathrooms need wallpaper that is either solid vinyl or vinyl-coated because they are less likely to stain and easier to maintain. 


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