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Wall of Fame


Few things inject personality into interior design like artwork.  However, figuring out where to find art, as well as how to arrange it, can be enough to make anyone put away their toolbox.

But fear not! We’ve put together a few tips to help take the anxiety out of arranging your home’s wall art:


The secret to perfect wall art placement is positioning it at eye level, which, according to museums and galleries, averages 57” from the floor to the center of your piece. Doing this takes a little math and measuring, but we promise it’s worth it:

  • On the back of your picture, measure its total height, then divide by two, and write the number down. This is the “half height.”
  • Pull the picture wire taut and measure from the top of the wire (or bracket) to the top of the frame. Note that number beneath the half height.
  • Subtract the second measurement from the half height. And, to save time in the future, write it on the back of the picture.
  • Add the number you’ve just calculated to 57, then measure this number in inches up from the floor, mark the spot with a pencil, and you’re ready to hang!

When hanging picture groupings, treat the whole shape as one, placing its center at the 57” mark.


Select the pieces you’d like to hang together – don’t be afraid to mix media, frames and sizes. Next, lay them on the floor in the same size space you have on your wall and work out a grouping.

Once you’ve settled on an arrangement, find the center, then begin measuring as outlined above.  As you begin hanging, aim for 2-3” between each piece to achieve that appealing gallery look.


Before hanging anything or going shopping for the right pieces, there are a few things to consider:

The most important thing is to display art you like!

  • Think about color. Ideally, a room’s artwork will complement the décor of the space.
  • Size matters. Choose art (or create groupings) that suits the size of your wall. 
  • Don’t be restricted by architectural style. A traditional oil painting can be striking within a modern space.
  • Embrace texture. Layering photographs, sketches, and canvas art adds depth.

Though art stores and established galleries are great resources for art, other local Boca art options include events such as Boca Fest, Florida Atlantic University exhibitions, local estate sales, antique shops and even thrift stores or flea markets. For hands-on guidance, our designers are a great resource to help you choose your art and find the perfect placement for it in your home.


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