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Utility and Decor Unite With Wall Units


Living room wall units combine decor with utility, making use of the often under-utilized vertical square footage a room’s walls can provide when used properly. They not only provide storage, but also deliver the opportunity for some of your favorite items to be put on display.

Wall units are especially practical in a long, narrow room, as the shelving allows items to be brought up off the floor, and can even make the room appear larger by drawing the eye upwards. A big trend in home design is custom shelving being built into the living room, but you can still get this look without having to go with a custom built in.

Hanging a series of shelves (non-floating or floating) on the wall provides similar storage to a built in, with less commitment. Selecting floating shelves the same color as the wall facilities a sleeker look, while non-floating shelves in a color that contrasts the wall makes them a focal point in the room. The Online Wall Unit staggers their shelves for an eye-catching, custom design. Our experienced installers will make sure the space is used effectively and beautifully.

Full shelving units like the BDI Semblance Bookshelf make effective room dividers. In a bachelor apartment it can serve as a divider between the bedroom area and a more communal space, like the living room. For a more contemporary option, the Liber Shelves are made entirely of glass and can be used as room dividers, but are perhaps better served to showcase your favorite decorative pieces.

When picking a wall unit, you should ask yourself whether you want some, all, or none of your items on display. This will help you determine if you want open or closed shelving, or a mix of both.

If you want a smaller shelf that allows you to artfully display your items, but don’t want a full wall unit, opt for a tall, narrower option like BDI Eileen Bookshelf. Modern TV’s and speakers are slender enough that this thin shelving unit can house them effectively. If you end up changing your mind later on, and wanting a more substantial shelving unit, you can place a series of Eileen shelves side-by-side, for a look equally sleek as it is practical.


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