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True Blue


See the Beauty of a Sea of Blues

Using color in any space is not just about taking greens, blues, reds and yellows and adding them to various elements at random. Getting decorating concepts right is about understanding how different colors work in different settings and which the trending colors are. It’s very easy to go overboard with trying to match color and not doing enough is also a very common mistake and a lot of people tend to shy away from strong or bright shades.

The Choice is Blue

The most beautiful and striking rooms are very often the ones that have strategically-placed color swatches. Today, blue seems to be the color of choice and is used with great effect in various settings. Let’s take a look at what this color embodies and how it can impact the ambience of a room. Colors are known to provide emotional reactions and are very relevant in decorating.

Blue evokes feelings of calm and peace and relaxing in a room that has been decorated in hues of blue can have a calming effect on the mind. We live in a chaotic, noisy world and having colors that will soothe frayed nerves goes a long way in helping us feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Blue works particularly well in bedroom and bathroom spaces. Sklar Furnishings can create simple and effective designs in any space for you, with the use of blue and green shades.

A Perfect Fit

Blue is a primary color and it works well on accent walls. You can be bold and punch-up or tone-down shades of any primary color until you get a shade that works for you. Use tertiary colors to tie the color scheme of a room together. For instance, you can create a very effective ocean palette with the use of pale blue walls and drapes in shades of green. You can use a mix of blue-green for accents like throw pillows and lamps or even in art on walls.

Easy Transition

These tertiary colors help in cementing the color design in a room and you can transition easily from one color area to another. If you like drama, add some complementary colors like orange. Use orange accents to add a dash of color that will not jar the senses. These colors will complement each other perfectly and will not compete for attention. Create harmony by using shades and combinations with blue as the focal point. 


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