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Tropics in the Winter


Four ways to work them into your home

There is perhaps no better way to bring warmth and comfort to a room than with some greenery.

Not only do they improve the look of a room, they are also known to tout many health benefits including improving air quality in the home and assisting in fighting off colds. This, in addition to their ability to relax people and improve moods, makes them the perfect item to incorporate into your home’s decor. This is especially true during the harsher winter months, which have the tendency to take a toll on mental and physical well-being.

A touch of the tropics can be added into almost any room in the home, the key is in the execution.

Have you met the crazy houseplant lady? She’s the quiet twin of the crazy cat lady and her home’s decor is not what we are trying to emulate here. Multiple potted house plants, stuffed into the corner, yet slowly taking over the room is not the right way to go about adding greenery into your home. Carefully chosen plants (in scale with the room) with swanky accessories (think gorgeous ceramic pots, not plastic mimicking terracotta) make all the difference when creating this classic look.

Here are our four favorite ways to infuse tropics into the home:

  1. Terrariums: If you are a big fan of Pinterest you have probably already pinned a photo of a terrarium. These charming glass containers house mini plant ecosystems, supporting an elaborate, yet low maintenance touch of greenery.
  2. Greenery (with great accessories): A lovely potted plant grown inside a gorgeous pot (think high gloss ceramics, brass and copper pots) drives home the health benefits and aesthetic satisfaction a simple houseplant can provide.
  3. Tropical Patterns and Colors: If you don’t want to stop at the house plant, or don’t want real plants in your home, a tropical pattern or tropical inspired color can offer many of the same mood-lifting benefits a house plant does. Consider re-upholstering an accent piece of furniture in need of a lift, with a funky tropical print fabric. If you are not a huge fan of bright colors in your home, try a print inspired by the patterns and shapes found in nature, but in a neutral tone.
  4. Wall coverings: A wall covering is a great way to make an impact. By selecting one in a cheerful tropical pattern or color, you can add a lot of dimension, excitement and liveliness to a room.


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