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Trends from High Point Market 2011


October market was wonderful!!  Merry blue skies, warm weather, fall colors and enthusiastic retailers – you get the picture…

Retro and the 1950’s were everywhere—small scale furniture for both the baby boomer who is downscaling and the loft and apartment dweller just starting off.  Colors are still soft and related to the earth and minerals—with names like mud, volcano ash, sand, and ice you can see where the head set is as far as colors.  Yellow was matched with grey, brown, plum and orange—blue was in a lot of the wall art, carpets and accessories but not so much in the fabric selection.

It was fall market and many of the vendors leaned towards that palette –cider, candied apple, rusty orange to name a few.  Distressing in rugs was very popular—go find that carpet of Grandma’s that has worn spots and holes and save yourself a bundle! The other trend was the “industrial revolution” look.  We found one vendor who really had it figured out—the metal is coming from melted down machinery from China and the wood is all reclaimed.  Since we favor the contemporary I can see interspersing a piece or two to soften any look.

As always we return rejuvenated and full of ideas on how to improve the store and the offering to our customers.  Come see us now—we have lots of floor samples to make room for what we ordered at market—and come see us in a few weeks when all the new product has arrived.


Sklar Furnishings