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To Market! To Market!


And to market we went – first the yearly Salone in Milan and then High Point in North Carolina.

Market is always an exciting time for Designers, Architects, Furniture reps, Furniture vendors and Furniture retail stores.  We all come with high expectations for new designs and innovations from the vendors and designers: we come with  excitement for the execution of these designs from the vendors and mostly we come with enthusiasm to soak in the new trends.

Glam and sophistication paired together perfectly. The colors were muted – soft grays, beiges, taupes and creamy whites.  There were splashes of yellow and the odd flash of an aqua blue but basically the neutrals ruled.  There was some discussion that this might have tied in a bit with the political scene – however the Italians did not let any of that interfere with their food, partying or wine drinking.  They are a culture to be much admired!!

The furnishings were stylish but comfortable – sophisticated but livable – fabrics were natural and soft.  New this year – large worn carpets (think the faded ripped jeans look that was new a few years ago).  They look wonderful layered under a contemporary leather sectional.  We bought several and they will be in the showroom very soon! The Italians continue to exhibit outstanding quality and attention to detail.  We chose several new frames and some case goods that will be on the water and here in a few weeks.The North American vendors went all out and presented us with some great  diverse options.  There seemed to be more of a trend for the vendors to use Designers like Stanley Friedman, Rick Lee and Michael Wolk and the results were well worth it.  New super fabrics with a great wear ability story were all the rage-colors again were neutral but with a lot more pop in the accent colors – tangerine, bright pink, vibrant blue and lots of shades of green.  Many of the vendors came to market with enough optimism to have the product and new fabrics in stock and ready to roll so we will have new products on the floor in late May instead of September or October.

The best news from market seemed to be the renewed enthusiasm and optimism of all who attended.  Some of this Optimism was very obvious at the annual (47th year) fundraising night for the City of Hope. The Home Furnishings Industry raised $1,500,000.00 in one night (that is right!!)  and over $2,000,000.00 for the year.  That brings the total raised in 47 years to over $50,000,000.00!!!  Made you proud to be part of this wonderful industry.


Sklar Furnishings