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Tips for Selecting the Best Home Office Furniture


All of us spend a lot of time in our offices whether we want to or not.  An effective personalized workspace and intelligently engineered office furniture will make all the difference.

  1. Make a list of your basic needs—include all the things you must have such as a printer and/or fax machine.
  2. Choose your location—this can be a whole room or choosing a space available in a bedroom or den. 
  3. Select the furniture that is designed to work for you—start with the desk and go from there.  Today there are many “multi-use” cabinets that look like file cabinets but in fact open out to become a fully functional office space.  Don’t forget about your storage needs.
  4. Choose furniture that reflects your style or the style that is already existing in the room.  This does not have to match exactly and in fact will look better if it is complimentary rather than matching.
  5. Spend time choosing a desk chair—again there are so many chairs on the market you should be able to find one that is “perfect”.  Have a look at some of the newer ergonomic chairs that are good for your circulation and your body alignment.

Make sure you feel comfortable asking questions when shopping.  You will know when you have found a Designer who fills you with confidence.


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