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Think Outside the Chocolate Box this Valentine’s Day


The Dune Tray can be used to serve breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day but deserves a more permanent spot on display, which is why it makes a great gift. Its vibrant color options (which include bright red) and internal sculpting make it a standout accessory, perfect for sitting atop an ottoman.

We can’t think of a better way to cozy up to your Valentine than by surprising them with the Equinox Fireplace. This outdoor fire pit has a tabletop portion, perfect for resting food and drinks on, so be sure to have some wine and snacks on hand. Blankets add the perfect touch to the romantic outdoor setting this fireplace creates.

The Moon Bowl is a great gift on its own, with unique texturing that mimics the moon’s surface. To give it some added oomph present it as a gift basket. The best way to stock it would be to fill it items you know your Valentine loves (favorite chocolates, bottle of wine) something they’ve been wanting (a new perfume) and one surprise (we’ll leave that up to you).

Flowers are a Valentine’s Day classic, but expected. Kick it up a notch by having them arranged in the strikingly handsome Misses Flower Power Vase. Your honey will know this isn’t just a run-of-the-mill vase from the flower shop.

Surprise your Valentine by working a new piece of furniture into the decor of a room and have fun watching how long it takes them to notice the update. The Kartell Comb Back Chair is the perfect item for this as it’s classically inspired lines suit almost any room.

A well stocked bar is always impressive, especially on Valentine’s Day. Stocking a brand new Escapade Mobile Bar Cart  takes the idea to a whole new level! Play mixologist and be sure to have ingredients for a signature cocktail on hand!

The key to the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is thoughtfulness and creativity. The best gifts are ones someone wouldn’t normally treat himself or herself to. Keeping this rule of thumb in mind will definitely bring you outside the realm of chocolates and onto some innovative gift ideas.

Best of Luck and Happy Valentine’s Day!


Sklar Furnishings