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The many colors of fall


Floridians, who are envied for their beautiful weather, sunny skies, white sand beaches, spa blue waters and gorgeous vibrant flowers, have a little “autumn envy” come this time of year. Anyone who grew up in the north remembers the reds, oranges and yellows of the trees as well as the bright blue sky and fresh crisp air.

What is fall in Florida? After much discussion it was decided that it is all about changes. The heat and humidity have started to ease a bit – the white summer sky is changing back to a pale blue and the flowers that are not heat resistant are starting to bloom again.  All of these things add up to a change in the light level and intensity.

We see this in the vibrant pinks, lavenders and oranges in our sunrises and sunsets; in the bright yellow and deep green of our flowering trees and shrubs and in the sparkling turquoise blue of the ocean. Our Design Team used fabrics and photos to demonstrate this yearly change and hung it on one of our mood boards in the store.

Fresh dryer air and our own kind of color – that is a Florida autumn.


Sklar Furnishings