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The Industrial Look


Many different companies are doing the industrial/reclaimed wood look today.  It seems to answer our need for reliving the past and in a more positive way, to being what we all like to call “green”. We have found a company representing a wonderful manufacturer passionate about preserving historically significant architecture, furniture and objects.  The result is a vintage look that ignites your imagination.  The consumer who appreciates vintage industrial antiques and architectural elements will be enchanted. Their combination of raw materials and natural patinas applied to solid wood and cast iron designs provides a unique foundation for this furniture line that is complimented by touches of custom exposed hardware.

The wood is a mix of locally reclaimed hardwood—it is kiln dried, laminated, and then threaded with steel rods to reinforce the durability of the surface and prevent warping—it is then finished with natural waxes and oils. The cast iron comes from imported vintage machine parts—primarily Japanese weaving looms.  The parts are sorted into salvageable parts with the remainder being melted down and recreated as table legs.  The furniture created by this company is 100% recycled. The word eclectic is generally overused but by placing just one of these special pieces somewhere in your contemporary home you will have a wonderful conversation piece and a most interesting and useful piece of furniture.


Sklar Furnishings