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The Fine Print



Floral prints are always beautiful but they can be a bit aging. An up and coming bedding design involves blending traditional floral prints with small digital square pixels and several bright neon colors. They are beautiful vivid designs that resonate mostly with young adults who are decorating their first home or apartment. They are not adolescent nor do they resemble the décor of their parent’s house. The multiple colors make customizing the rest of the space incredibly easy. The digi-floral duvet cover can be used as the only pattern in the room paired with a matching solid accent color for things like bed skirts or bedside lamps but it holds its own when paired with stripes or hounds-tooth cushions. In this case power clashing only really works when the accent pieces are firm geometric lines and the flowers in the bedding have soft rounded edges, or better yet, fade into the background.

Pastoral Prints

Another popular pattern is pastoral prints. These monochrome country scenes come in all sorts of colors, usually on a white background. They are classically elegant and can be used very effectively as focal points or accents. If you have a large room that needs a lot of paintings, mirrors and wall ornaments not to look bare, consider sparse pastoral wallpaper. Dense scenes can be a bit overwhelming in wallpaper, especially if you are set on using contrasting colors like navy on white. These prints also work beautifully in the bedroom as duvet covers. They are accentuated by other hues of the same color so finding suitable sheets, wall colors and accessories will be a breeze. If the bedding and wall color are in the same family, introducing a bright yellow throw pillow or a metallic lamp will take this renaissance print well into the 21st century.  


An interesting textile that has popped up recently is burlap. You can find burlap cushions with printed inspirational phrases, embroidered animals or sequence damask patterns that work beautifully with most decors. It provides a hint of rustic charm and the taupe coloring is easily reflected in various other fabrics. The key with incorporating burlap in your room is to not over do it. There is a very thin line between shabby-chic and country-drab. Less is more with burlap. It has a rough texture that stands out visually but it isn’t the best to cuddle up with, so be sure to pair it with some busier patterned pillows that have a trace of the burlap’s base color and the tones of any of the additional embellishments. Nestle the burlap in front of the busier, more colorful pillows.  Keep an eye out for small accessories like wrought iron curtain holders or drift wood bookends to help make the room appear more thematically cohesive. 


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