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The Fabric of our Lives


Fabric is much more than just a basic supply staple attached to our home furnishings.  Fabric offers us many opportunities to decorate our homes with purpose and intent. Strategically using fabric in our interiors is one of the best ways to add style, color, pattern, texture and overall beauty to a space. Fabric gives life to a room and adds a sense of warmth and comfort unlike anything else.

Using fabric and pattern in designing your space

Fabrics add elegance and sophistication to a space as well as softening hard lines.  They can add visual warmth or visual coolness.  Everything from upholstery and slipcovers to bedding window treatments, table accessories and throw pillows involve fabrics.

Choosing the right fabrics for your home

First of all you must decide on what is staying and what is going.  Ideally starting fresh is best but it is not always practical or possible.  Whatever you decide to keep—be it window coverings or a favorite chair use these fabrics as a starting point for deciding on the other fabrics and elements that will become your personal space.   Main and accent fabrics are very important—if the existing fabric is a favorite then all the others you choose can be accent fabrics—likewise if you don’t love the existing fabric then find a new main color and use the existing fabric as your accent one.  Simple and very effective!

Wall paint Colors 

It is much simpler to match a paint to a fabric than the other way around.  Today the choices are limitless and all reputable paint sellers have an “electronic color eye” used to make a perfect match.We all have favorite colors and ones that make us feel more positive or happy—go with your gut and choose what makes you happy—you are the one who will live in this space.  Remember our tagline:“Your Space, Your Lifestyle, Your Choice”Have fun!


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