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The Dream Closet


Everybody loves a walk-in closet. Chances are, if you don’t already have one, you want one. Whether you’re currently dreaming of taking over the spare room, or have an existing walk-in that could use a little oomph, you’ll find plenty of design inspiration in our guide to the dream closet.

Walk-Ins 101
First, the fundamentals. Any walk in closet ought to be at least seven feet wide, giving you a minimum of three feet in the middle of the room once drawers and clothes rails are added. Railing should run down only two sides of the walk-in, leaving the shorter back wall clear to prevent cluttering and tangled hangers at the corners.

Your dream closet will require a combination of ambient and task lighting, giving you a useful variety of lighting options and letting you adjust the light level up or down depending on your needs. For your ambient or overhead lighting, consider adding a dose of drama to the space with a chandelier, like the Annika or the Giselle. Or, if that kind of extravagance simply doesn’t suit your space, perhaps a large suspension light mounted close to the ceiling is for you. Floor lamps or wall sconces are both good options for task lighting – behold the extra large Raduga Floor Lamp, and the whimsical Muriel Sconce.

Storage and Display
Your walk-in should contain at least one set of drawers for folded or out-of-season items. If you have the space, you may also wish to add a display cabinet, vitrine, or simply some great looking shelves to give your favorite accessories a home. Glass, whether mirrored or clear, can help prevent the appearance of overcrowding; think the Katie Mirrored Dresser, Cling Shelves or Shine Showcase.

Adding seating to your walk-in closet transforms it from ‘just’ a place to store your clothes into a dressing room made for lingering. Given the limited dimensions of many walk-ins, ottomans are a great seating option that fit almost anywhere – some, like the Leo by American Leather, include hidden storage to really make the most of your space. If you’re lucky enough to have a little more room at your disposal, a chaise like the Niagara adds a big splash of old Hollywood glamor, while a modern bench like the Margo or the Elan keeps things understated and chic.

No walk-in would be complete without at least one full-length mirror. In addition to their obvious function in dressing, they also make the closet seem bigger and brighter. The Opalina Appendiabiti combines the functions of a wall-mounted mirror and a coat hook, for extra space efficiency. The clever revolving base on the Soglia Standing Mirror offers you the flexibility to effortlessly check your look from any angle.


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