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The Color Purple – Decorating with – not the book


Is purple really a neutral?  Depends but in 2010—the year of purple we have seen it paired with everything from the more common greens and browns to pink and even coral.

Purple runs the gamut from light lavender gray to a deep aubergine found in a ripe eggplant.  The fact that you can use the lightest shades to create a soothing atmosphere or specify the darkest shade to evoke a feeling of luxury and power make this a popular color with the design community. At Sklar we have Rick Lee’s serpentine sectional in bright white leather against a vibrant purple wall.

The back pillows are done in purple ultra suede—the look is energetic and definitely very contemporary.The best way to experiment with color is exactly how we do it in the showroom—keep the expensive part of the upholstery neutral and go wild with the pillows or a throw.  Same thing when you are painting—start with one wall and see if you can live with it.  Most importantly choose a color you love—not one that is the trend. 


Sklar Furnishings