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Textured Walls


Textured walls are the perfect way to give your room an extra splash of character. Adding depth to your living space doesn’t require major home renovations either. You can achieve a textured look by utilizing the simple painting technique known as ragging to give off the illusion of stucco. Choose your base color and buy twice as much as you would normally need. Paint the desired walls and leave to dry. With the extra paint, add a bit of white paint, stir and gauge if you think it should be lighter. You want this paint to be only slightly lighter. Crumple up a plastic shopping bag, dip it in the new paint color and dab it all over the wall, while moving the bag shape to avoid a noticeable pattern.  A similar, but more dramatic effect can be accomplished if you substitute the bag for a rough piece of fabric, like terrycloth.

If you do want to make some bigger changes to your walls, consider raised panelling or wainscoting. Usually in white or natural wood coloring, these wall coverings are placed about a third of the way up the wall. They have protruding and indented pieces that can revolutionize your walls. If you are nervous about the applying dark colors to your walls, rest assured that the panels will draw attention away from the wall color, brighten up the room and make it look larger than it actually is. The panels are easy to install. If you are on a budget, panelling designs are available in wall paper, or if you particularly enjoy DIY, you can make your own by getting slabs of sheet wood, fastening thin crown molding and base boards to it, and painting it white.

Not all of us are so lucky, but if you have exposed brick in your home, you have the perfect canvas for textured walls. Painting exposed brick may require a bit of upkeep, but it is worth it. The divots between bricks and the odd chip here and there are virtually unattainable, if all you have is drywall. Exposed brick in its natural state is beautiful, but if you are looking to make your space seem more open and clean, painting the bricks white is a very popular option. Painting the bottom third of the wall white, so that it looks like panelling, is also an option that looks amazing in kitchens. If you don’t already have exposed brick in your home, you can find tiles that have a similar texture, which can be seamlessly placed next to each other and painted over to produce a similar effect. Avoid stony tiles. They may have a unique texture, but they do not hold paint well, and you will be repainting them in six months. Be absolutely sure that you want this look, because undoing the process is extremely difficult.


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